Attractions and Activities

Explore the vibrant city of Colombo during your stay at Sofia Colombo. From historical landmarks like the National Museum and Theatres to indulging in Sri Lanka’s legendary tea, the city offers a diverse range of experiences. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Colombo, with popular excursions like Galle Face Green and religious sites adding to the city’s charm.

Gangaramaya Temple
6 Mins distance from the Hotel
1.6KM from hotel

A spiritual haven adorned with intricate architecture and religious artefacts. Images display the temple’s ornate details, serene surroundings, and religious practices.


Colombo City Centre
6 Mins distance from the Hotel
1.6Km from hotel

A modern hub offering shopping, dining, and entertainment. Images showcase the sleek architecture, bustling shops, and vibrant eateries

Galle Face Green
6 Mins distance from the Hotel
1.9KM from hotel

A picturesque oceanfront urban park, capturing the stunning sunset views, recreational activities, and lively atmosphere with families and friends enjoying leisure time.

Spa Ceylon Boutique
6 Mins distance from the Hotel
2.4KM from hotel

An oasis of relaxation and luxury, featuring serene interiors and indulgent spa treatments. Images exhibit the calming ambiance, exquisite products, and serene setting.

Independence Square
7 Mins distance from the Hotel
2.7KM from hotel

A historic landmark commemorating Sri Lanka’s independence. Images exhibit the grandeur of the monument, serene surroundings, and people enjoying the space.

World Trade Center
9 Mins distance from the Hotel
3.3KM from hotel

An iconic skyscraper symbolising Colombo’s modernity and economic significance. Images portray the sleek design, city views, and business activities.

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